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Journal: Vacation Reminder

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I just wanted to send out the reminder that I’m off to Berlin for the next five days (Dec. 28th through Jan. 2nd). I’m planning on bringing my computer, so there may be a few updates here and there, but don’t expect much. Have a Happy New Year, and get some midnight gaming in for me.

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Necessary Nostalgia: One-Man Band, Wind Waker Edition

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker got a lot of flack for its ‘kiddie’ graphics and lengthy boat trips.  However, the music was some of the best in comparison to all other Zelda games.  What you are about to witness might be the greatest accomplishment since Ocarina of Time, and it’s all thanks to Fredrik Larsson.  I cannot worthily describe it with words, so check it out for yourself above, and compare it to the original below.

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Journal: Merry Christmas!

I’d first like to start by saying, “Merry Christmas!”  It’s been a good one this year, even though I’m an ocean away from my family.  My mom sent me a package, the contents of which were awesome (I will update this with a picture when the sun comes back it’s day-time.):

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts!

Chrono Trigger DS

Lock’s Quest for DS (an english companion to the german one I finished)

2 Picture frame things (that’s my best description at this point)

A longsleeve shirt (Thanks a bunch, Kari.  I love it!)

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Critique: Lock’s Quest

Testimony (Spoiler-free)

The roll of Lock was assigned to me as soon as I reached the title screen.  I tapped the start button and the game whisked me away.  I brushed my stylus across the screen moving him from person to person; talking thoroughly before moving onto the next.  Uttering a quack, a cat acted as a duck when I attempted to make contact.  After some exploration, I talked to my grandfather Tobias who told me I needed to fix the levees down by the shore, and that I should take my sister, Emi, along with me. Emi questioned my abilities when an injured archineer (a compound of architect and engineer), Isaiah, suddenly stumbled across the beach and rambled of enemies nearby.

He taught me to build walls and a cannon before the Clockwork began their assault on my unsuspecting town.  In order to build, I needed Source which I gathered from enemies after I forced them to crumble into piles of gears and gadgets.  Because Isaiah was injured we couldn’t hold them off and were forced to evacuate the town.  Emi had gone missing as well; everything was falling apart.  After a successful evacuation, Isaiah and I reached the capital city of Antonia and I became an Archineer Guild Member of the Kingdom Force.   I was ordered to the front lines to fend off the Clockwork and protect Source Wells with my walls, cannons, and traps.  Little did I know that the future would hold some relentless reveals and unpredictable twists and turns.  Who was responsible for this merciless attack on my home town? Would I ever be reunited with my sister again? Would I become a master archineer?
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The Theoretical Multiplayer Experience of the Future

Could this be the outcome of a multiplayer match?

Could this be the outcome of a multiplayer match in the near future?

In the light of a possible Black sequel, I began to think about its possible, theoretical multiplayer experience.  The game as a singleplayer adventure was all about explosions and destructible environments.  It pushed the PS2 and the Xbox hardware more than any other FPS during its generation; and it’s not surprising Criterion Games of Burn Out fame were the ones to create such a game.

Destructible environments have been a dream of gamers for a long time.  Breaking windows and glass began the trend, followed by bullet decals on walls.  Games these days render hundreds to thousands of decals to add to the mood and  immersion a game attempts to convey.  When brought to its extreme, destructible environments would allow me to shoot down a pillar reducing a buildings integrity, or blow-up supports to cause a balcony to crash to the ground in a cloud of rubble.  With such a simple idea come dozens of complexities.

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Rumor Mill: Black Sequel In Production

This rumor is a long shot, but it would be awesome.  Do you remember Black?  It was that game for PS2 and Xbox that had destructible environments, which at the time was quite innovative.  It got decent scores across the board, but ultimately sank into the average range due to a lack of multiplayer.

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Free Radical Artist Leaks Projects, Time Splitters 4

By now we’ve all found out that Free Radical has fallen by the way side.  Free Radical is a most well-known for their Time Splitters franchise as well as their recent flop, Haze.  Because the developer has locked its doors…forever, artists and the team are looking for jobs.

Nick Carter, one of said artists, recently dropped some concept art from Time Splitters 4 on his blog.  Three are some interesting enemies and some really beautiful renders.  For more, check out the gallery at CVG.

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