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Review: Alan Wake

Remedy has been pretty quiet on the story of Alan Wake, and with good reason.  They have spent the past six years in development, and the game has finally made its debut, but was it worth the wait?

You play as Alan Wake, a pompous famous horror novelist, who has had writer’s block for the past three years.  In an attempt to curb this problem, he and his wife, Alice, take a vacation to Bright Falls, a small logging town in the pacific northwest. Continue reading ‘Review: Alan Wake’


Review and Recap: Fringe – “Bound”

What you are about to read contains spoilers.  There is no attempt to conceal them as they are necessary for guiding my impressions of the episode.  If you have already seen it or aren’t upset by having your favorite media spoiled, head past the break.  Otherwise, disregard this post completely and continue about reading the rest of the site.

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Review: Phantom on the Horizon — The Fall of Troy

The Fall of Troy have been together for four years if you believe they began throwing out mathematical noise with the Ghostship Demos; six years if you count their time together in Thirty Years War. One thing is for certain though, like many, I started listening to The Fall of Troy because of their technical mathematical style of music. The “Ghostship Demos” began my journey across those wavy unpredictable seas, but do those songs still sound good four years later?

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