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Journal: The Chrono Trigger Push

In my last journal entry, I made some remarks about how frustrating Chrono Trigger can be due to its dated mechanics, and it still is.  Luckily, I was able to power-house my way through a boss that I had been stuck on for –i-dunno– a couple weeks.  I looked up a a walkthrough online which was absolutely no help, so i just had to experiment.   It was tried and true trial and error gameplay.

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Resistance 2 To Recieve Patch Monday, says Insomniac Games


This week, I’ve started to feel bad for the PS3 because I feel like I haven’t covered any news on it.  Though I’m working on getting as much news as possible, there isn’t much that has been worth writing.  Luckily, some news was dropped today that I can write about.

Insomniac will be releasing a patch for Resistance 2 on Monday, January 26th.  It will fix peoples’ levels being reset to one, and will restore the XP, stats, and attributes of those people to thier rightful conditions.  It will also correct trophy issues the same way (aka retroactive trophy support for trophies the game didn’t give you when you should have earned them).  For a full list of the patch notes and more detailed info of what I displayed above, visit Bryan Intihar’s post or hit the break.

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New Uncharted Screens Assault Your Eyes In High Res

Click to embiggen.

In an attempt to add more PS3 content to the blog, I managed to stumbled upon some new “High Res” screens through Joystiq.  It goes without saying that these screens are gorgeous, so take the jump to view them all, or head to Joystiq to view their gallery.
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Assassin’s Creed 2 Confirmed, Among Others, For March 2010 [Update]


A few days ago, there was rumor of Assassin’s Creed 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction being released before April of 2010.  Today, those rumors were confirmed by Ubisoft’s earning report for the third quarter of the fiscal year.

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Fallout 3’s DLC Achiements Unveiled

Fallout 3 Achievements Unveiled

In the wake of yesterday’s achievement updates,  today was greated by new ones for Fallout 3’s ever-nearing DLC, Operation: Anchorage.  The DLC is exlcusive to the Xbox 360 and PC, so all you PS3 owners out there aren’t going to receive –what is assumed to be– a winter-wonderland expansion to the biggest RPG of 2008 (it does have “Anchorage” in the title after all).  Head past the break for the achievements and the conditions that must be met to, well, achieve them.

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Review and Recap: Fringe – “Bound”

What you are about to read contains spoilers.  There is no attempt to conceal them as they are necessary for guiding my impressions of the episode.  If you have already seen it or aren’t upset by having your favorite media spoiled, head past the break.  Otherwise, disregard this post completely and continue about reading the rest of the site.

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GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Achievments Detailed, New Screenshot

Click to embiggen.

GiantBomb has reported, via Rockstar Watch, that the achievements for the upcoming Xbox 360 DLC The Lost and Damned have been revealed.  You will find them after the break.  Above is a brand new screenshot from the game in which Johnny Klebitz, the protagonist and known member of The Lost, is displayed.  The Lost and Damned releases on the Xbox Live Marketplace (XBLM) on February 17th.  Get your points ready.

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