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1Up Show Returns as Co-op, Ask For Subscribers And Downloaders [EDIT]

EDIT:  The name of the show is actually Co-op.  The post is edited to reflect that.  Sorry for the misinformation, I need to get it under control…fast.

Following the unfortunate death of EGM and the lay off of many 1Up Staffers, Rebel FM was created.  They’ve been doing podcasts as regularly as possible, and the 1Up Show Team have just released the first episode of Co-0p.

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Portal Gun Was a Triumph, Huge Success

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Cue song, “Still Alive”, after the break.  This has to be the most well constructed cosplay accessory, ever.  Complete with orange and blue LED lights, emilyskeith has recreated the Aperture Science Hand-held Portal Device wonderfully.  Unfortunately, it can’t create blue and orange portals which you can endlessly fall through, but it sure makes Aperture Science look like a reality!  Now, if only I could find some tasty cake…

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Necessary Nostalgia: One-Man Band, Wind Waker Edition

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker got a lot of flack for its ‘kiddie’ graphics and lengthy boat trips.  However, the music was some of the best in comparison to all other Zelda games.  What you are about to witness might be the greatest accomplishment since Ocarina of Time, and it’s all thanks to Fredrik Larsson.  I cannot worthily describe it with words, so check it out for yourself above, and compare it to the original below.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

This post is purely an update on Thanksgiving dinner. It may have been was the most full-filling Thanksgiving dinner I’ve had in a while. — Sorry Grandma! — The turkey was actually baked that day, as opposed to the day before; the stuffing was better than that stuff your mom finds in grocery stores; and to top it all off, we had apple pie. Boy, oh boy did I miss apple pie. In a generous mindset, I brought Gabe a bottle of whiskey, which he loves, because he had been standing all day making this delicious meal for us Americans and the few Australians that were invited.

Macy’s Get’s RickRolled

By now, the internet has burst into laughter after learning that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was rickrolled. And it’s a classic. There aren’t many words to describe rickrolls, so watch the video and bask in its glory.

Black Friday

We all know that Black Friday is the biggest day in shopping in the US. Sales can be found at every single store and crowds of people line up to get that one ‘hot holiday item’. But those days are about to change my friends. Major Nelson has announced a sale on some games for the XBLA. So hit the Read More link to know what arcade games, DLC, and themes you’re going to camp in your living room for.
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Ambivalence abound, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

I’m missing you guys back in the States, and I’m thankful for the internet that keeps me, my family, and my friends just a button press away. Anyway, we, as in me and every English speaking person I know here in Bonn, Germany, are having a gigantic Thanksgiving dinner. I’m bringing plates.  Hit the Read More link to add some unwanted ambivalence in your life.
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