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Thanksgiving Dinner

This post is purely an update on Thanksgiving dinner. It may have been was the most full-filling Thanksgiving dinner I’ve had in a while. — Sorry Grandma! — The turkey was actually baked that day, as opposed to the day before; the stuffing was better than that stuff your mom finds in grocery stores; and to top it all off, we had apple pie. Boy, oh boy did I miss apple pie. In a generous mindset, I brought Gabe a bottle of whiskey, which he loves, because he had been standing all day making this delicious meal for us Americans and the few Australians that were invited.


Ambivalence abound, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

I’m missing you guys back in the States, and I’m thankful for the internet that keeps me, my family, and my friends just a button press away. Anyway, we, as in me and every English speaking person I know here in Bonn, Germany, are having a gigantic Thanksgiving dinner. I’m bringing plates.  Hit the Read More link to add some unwanted ambivalence in your life.
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Berlin: The Bus Ride. Where’s My BK? Stop Making Pauses!

Five thirty in the morning, and my phone’s alarm clock is screaming periodically for me to wake up. I went to bed at around two, but that was behind me now, I was going to Berlin that day. I hit the snooze button, thrice. I woke up in a daze, showered, grabbed my bags, and took the hallways and stairs to the tram station.

I spoke with Chelsea, a girl from Ohio State, about the excitement we had for this trip. Out of courtesy, I waited in the cold with my bags as she finished her cigarette before we boarded the tram together. We sat down next to Ute, a Taiwanese girl I knew from my introduction course at the beginning of this trip and program.
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Sankt Martins Tag (Saint Martin’s Day)

I began writing this on the eleventh of November, the night the following happened. So it’s a little old and late, but I believe I should still finish and post it here. So without further ado, here is St. Martin’s Day.

I sat on the tram reading my homework assigned to me and drinking my Coke from Subway. My lap held my sandwich and I heard the soothing voice of Anthony Green through my earbuds. It was around a twenty minute ride which felt like three after reading what seemed to only have been five pages of my assignment. I hopped off the tram and hung a right towards an SUV with a trailer next to a miniature wall.
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First Blog

Welcome! You may or may not have just stumbled upon a blog about video games, internet culture, and other random things that I find funny or remarkable. For today’s post, I’ll be sketching a picture of myself that I will eventually add detail to; a splash of color is in the works as well.

My name is Bobby Crossen. I’m in my third year of University work at Illinois State University, and am aiming for a double major in German and Journalism. I’m am, at this particular moment, studying abroad in Germany to help me become fluent in the many facets of which the German language is composed. Due to my study abroad program, I will not be able to review or talk about games for a while. This is based purely on the fact that I don’t have the money to buy the tools necessary to play and enjoy the many video games that are coming out this year. Damn you economy!

For the time being, I will be using this blog to talk about my adventures in Germany as well as news about games and internet culture. Come February though, expect an explosion of, “OMG THIS GAME IS AWESOME,” posts because I’ll be 5 months behind the times and just then discovering the missing piece to my puzzle that is life. Until then, I hope you enjoy my blog and perhaps my germanic adventures.

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