Journal: Thoughts on E3 Pt. 1

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There are so many things that I want to touch on in this journal, but in keeping with being reader-friendly and digestible, I’ll split my thoughts up over a few entries.  Today will feature my thoughts on EA.

EA made a huge killing this year at their press conference.  From name dropping their top five partners (Respawn, Dice, Crytek, Insomniac, and Epic) to seizing complete control on the FPS genre, there wasn’t much more they needed to wow me with. Let’s start with the pulpiest of games: Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm is still looking as entertaining as ever.  The environments are beautifully lush with plant life and the man-made structures are unlike anything I’ve seen in a video game.  There is something Baroque about it’s architecture, but also foreign and alien.  It’s gorgeous, the gameplay is striking, and the comments from other members of the party are hilarious.  Bulletstorm has a solid release date of February 22, 2011.

The most impressive showcase for EA was the return of Medal of Honor.  In doing away with WWII and calling in the help of Dice to create a multiplayer experience, EA has taken a stranglehold on the FPS genre. This will be the best FPS of the year.   The live 24-player demonstration was the last thing I would have expected to see, but for a game releasing on October 12th of this year (perfectly planned around my birthday I might add) it seems reasonable.  It is going to be my jam, and I’m already frothing at the mouth.

Dead Space 2 is by far my most anticipated dated title.  The first one completely blew me away with it’s use of sound and lighting to set  a very tense and curious atmosphere.  The Ishimura, much like Rapture, Arkham Asylum, and now Bright Falls, was just as much a character as Isaac Clarke.  And although I’m sad to see it go, I’m excited to see the new environments the Sprawl has to offer.  If you haven’t seen anything for Dead Space 2 yet, you are doing yourself a severe disservice.  Head over to their website for a gameplay trailer and a ton of screenshots, and if you’re anything like me, this will be in your disc tray on launch day:  January 25, 2011.

Finally, I’m unbelievably excited to learn that Need For Speed is headed back to its roots with NFS:  Hot Pursuit.  However, I’m incredibly biased in my opinion because Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is my favorite racing game of all time.  I’ve sunk so many hours and so much frustration into that series, and I couldn’t be happier to see it coming back.  The demo that Criterion Games gave showed a course reminiscent of the pacific northwest coast I’ve come to know and love.  It’s quite a departure from the city-scapes that most racing games have been going for recently, but isn’t change a good thing?  I believe so, and I’ll be getting a taste of it on November 16th.  Check out the trailer at the top of the post for more coercion.

Keep tuned in here for my thoughts on Nintendo on Friday.  For now, I leave you with one question.  Where is Mass Effect 3?


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