Journal: Thoughts on E3 Pt. 2

The last time I wrote, I talked about EA’s E3 line-up and how excited I was to see what they were offering.  This time, I’m excited to jump into the world of Nintendo.  They brought it big this year at E3, and though I’d like to see a release year for the 3DS, there was just too much to love.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn.  I cannot be more excited about this title.  The first Golden Sun is not only the first RPG I’ve ever played, but also one of my favorite games of all time.  I play the series annually at the very least, and the gameplay formula hasn’t aged a day since launch.  All I can hope for in Dark Dawn is that it will have the puzzle-solving I’ve grown so used to and have a sprawling narrative with unique towns and sub-plots.  If Camelot delivers on my promises, it will likely steal my heart just as the first two have.

Retro Studios, known for their work on the Metroid Prime Series, has been hard at work for the past couple years on my most anticipated Wii title of the year, Donkey Kong Country Returns.  Taking a step back in the series franchise, Retro has opted to make a sidescrolling co-op Donkey Kong game from yore.  Diddy will make his appearance for the co-op, and the worlds looks just as fun and difficult as the original Donkey Kong Countries.  Donkey Kong Country Returns will launch later this year.

In keeping with reimagining their backcatalog of games, Nintendo also announced  a new Kirby game from Hal Laboratories, Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  The art-style for this game is incredible.  Gone is Kirby’s ability to inhale enemies for their abilities, and instead, you’ll whip them with yarn and spin new abilities out of them.  The game also features co-op, and will be releasing later this year for the Wii.

It’s been almost 3 years since Link’s last console adventure.  In the interim we’ve had two DS games, but he’s finally making his way back onto Wii, and it looks better than ever.  The new art style takes a queue from The Windwaker with cell-shaded graphics, but also holds on to the important parts of the Twighlight Princess art style.  The effect is not unlike that of a colorful and bright watercolor painting.  But that’s not the most important part, as it will be using Wii MotionPlus for 1:1 sword fighting, item management, and the use of those items.  Getting around seems to have changed a bit too because Link can now sprint.  Check out the trailer below for a better look at the game.  The game will release sometime in 2011.

Last but not least, I’m going to take a moment to talk about the 3DS.  I was really hoping for a release date or release year from Nintendo.  Reggie even built it up as if that was going to be the surprise of the show, but I digress.  Because they announced it earlier this year, I had assumed that the product was near it’s completion.  After all, an announcment like that is almost like an E3 announcement.  So up until last week, all that was needed was to see the console itself and a release date.  Unfortunately, we only got the former.  So, here’s to hoping for some more information on its release at the Tokyo Game Show or Gamescon.

Stick with me here for some more thoughts on E3.  Next up is Ubisoft!


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