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Journal: E3 is Nigh

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Sadly, I haven’t played many games this week.  I’m still working my way through Assassin’s Creed 2, and I still feel the same way I felt last week about it.  The free-running mechanic is pretty fun, but ultimately still a little broken.  My most frustrating moments come with the assassin’s tombs.  Though gorgeous and well-crafted, the camera angles kept the free-running from being enjoyable.  Also, because the mechanic isn’t perfect, rushing me to complete them only made the issues stand out that much more for me.  I only have one more of them to finish though before I hit the rest of the end game.

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A Dam Breaks, Chinatown Wars Floods The Scene

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Yesterday saw not only the first African American President sworn into office, but also the break of an embargo on GTA:  Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS. This morning when I woke up I was greeted with tons of new screen-shots and previews for one of my most anticipated DS games of the year.  Lucky for me, and for you readers, has compiled all that you need to know about one of the most anticipated titles for the DS.

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Journal: Merry Christmas!

I’d first like to start by saying, “Merry Christmas!”  It’s been a good one this year, even though I’m an ocean away from my family.  My mom sent me a package, the contents of which were awesome (I will update this with a picture when the sun comes back it’s day-time.):

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts!

Chrono Trigger DS

Lock’s Quest for DS (an english companion to the german one I finished)

2 Picture frame things (that’s my best description at this point)

A longsleeve shirt (Thanks a bunch, Kari.  I love it!)

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Critique: Lock’s Quest

Testimony (Spoiler-free)

The roll of Lock was assigned to me as soon as I reached the title screen.  I tapped the start button and the game whisked me away.  I brushed my stylus across the screen moving him from person to person; talking thoroughly before moving onto the next.  Uttering a quack, a cat acted as a duck when I attempted to make contact.  After some exploration, I talked to my grandfather Tobias who told me I needed to fix the levees down by the shore, and that I should take my sister, Emi, along with me. Emi questioned my abilities when an injured archineer (a compound of architect and engineer), Isaiah, suddenly stumbled across the beach and rambled of enemies nearby.

He taught me to build walls and a cannon before the Clockwork began their assault on my unsuspecting town.  In order to build, I needed Source which I gathered from enemies after I forced them to crumble into piles of gears and gadgets.  Because Isaiah was injured we couldn’t hold them off and were forced to evacuate the town.  Emi had gone missing as well; everything was falling apart.  After a successful evacuation, Isaiah and I reached the capital city of Antonia and I became an Archineer Guild Member of the Kingdom Force.   I was ordered to the front lines to fend off the Clockwork and protect Source Wells with my walls, cannons, and traps.  Little did I know that the future would hold some relentless reveals and unpredictable twists and turns.  Who was responsible for this merciless attack on my home town? Would I ever be reunited with my sister again? Would I become a master archineer?
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Hypemachine: Scribblenauts

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer recently got a chance to talk with Jeremiah Slaczka, a game designer for 5th Cell (Drawn to Life, Lock’s Quest).  Stephen found it hard to believe that they thought of every possible word that the player would write for use in the game.  To counter his offensive, Slaczka pulled out his spreadsheet and proved that everything Totilo could think of the game would actually recognize.  Stephen really tried to fool him using words such as ‘cake mix’ with a rapid rebuttal:  “…the game can render a cake mixer, cake mix and pancake mix — all different objects with different properties.”  Check out the full article for more scribblingly-naughty hype.

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