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Necessary Nostalgia: One-Man Band, Wind Waker Edition

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker got a lot of flack for its ‘kiddie’ graphics and lengthy boat trips.  However, the music was some of the best in comparison to all other Zelda games.  What you are about to witness might be the greatest accomplishment since Ocarina of Time, and it’s all thanks to Fredrik Larsson.  I cannot worthily describe it with words, so check it out for yourself above, and compare it to the original below.

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Necessary Nostalgia: Link Is A Champion

It looks like Link has no time for losers in this video.  Hell, he’s a champion of the world.  But in all seriousness, he’s paid his dues, and taken his bows.  Had enough of the Queen references?  Good, I was running out of them.

No good gaming blog should be without a video featuring not only Queen, but also The Legend of Zelda.  The author of this video actually made it a few years ago to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the series, and recently unearthed it for us to witness once again.  Hit the read link for the video.

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Critique: Razia’s Shadow: A Musical by Forgive Durden

Before I begin this critique, I have to write my thoughts about it’s genre.  I honestly don’t know what style this album is.   It’s a concept album, but it’s more than that.  This isn’t a normal concept album in the sense that it’s sung from the outside looking in, rather it’s sung by the characters themselves.   There is a running plot, as well as characters, but each character is sung by a different person from a different band of a different genre.  These guests bring their own feeling to the song they worked on.  For instance, Max Bemis from Say Anything uses lyrics from his album “…Is a Real Boy”; John Baldwin of Portugal. The Man brings a soul-full approach to his act; and Casey from The Dear Hunter soothes us with his gentle voice set to wonderful melodies that have a definite ‘the-dear-hunter’ feel.  Not to mention that there is a narrator as well as dialogue between characters.

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First Listen: Razia’s Shadow by Forgive Durded (Tom Dutton)

I know. I know. I’m really behind the times with this one, but I just discovered it, Forgive Durden’s “Razia’s Shadow: A Musical”, yesterday, and I haven’t stopped listening since. On first listen, I didn’t even know that there were cameos from other great bands on the disc. However,

I was able to recognize five of the them, and they all fit perfectly. The biggest impression was Max Bemis referencing his own song in the lyrics with, “I am the spider. Crawl inside her.” Absolutely brilliant! The rest of the cameos each bring what-they-do-best to the song they were assigned and ultimately makes the album a beautiful piece of art. A full review will be written in the coming week, but until then, you can listen to the whole album streaming at Forgive Durden’s Purevolume page and watch the first of what I can only assume as many music videos after the break.

Forgive Durden – Life Is Looking Up from david kalani larkins on Vimeo.

Update: New Song From The Dear Hunter’s Album Act III

Remember how Casey, the lead singer of The Dear Hunter, promised that he would post a video of a new song from their soon to be released album “Act III” if they won MTVU’s The Freshman contest? You know they won right? Well, it turns out that he made good on his promise. He also gave a pretty sweet update on the band as well –along with some acting and dead-pan humor. Check out the video after the break.

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Christmas + 8-bit MIDI files + Old School Gaming = WIN || 8-Bit Jesus

You know those traditional Christmas songs your parents and grandparents rave about during the holidays while you ramble on about how awesome the NES was? Well, turns out somebody finally got the idea to combine them together for nine tracks of awesome 8-bit glory. Click the picture above, or here to get your free download on. They are extremely well made and mixed. Not to mention this is only half of the final product. So, please download them while you still can. You will not be disappointed.

The Dear Hunter Wins MTVU’s The Freshman Video of The Week

Congratulations to The Dear Hunter on successfully becoming the video of the week for MTVU’s The Freshman. Because the fans spoke, Casey has come out and said that he will be debuting a video with a new recorded song from Act III within the next week. Keep your eyes and your ears pealed until then. You can expect me to post it here when it is up.  Hit the read more link for the video that won them the prize.

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