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Journal: The Chrono Trigger Push

In my last journal entry, I made some remarks about how frustrating Chrono Trigger can be due to its dated mechanics, and it still is.  Luckily, I was able to power-house my way through a boss that I had been stuck on for –i-dunno– a couple weeks.  I looked up a a walkthrough online which was absolutely no help, so i just had to experiment.   It was tried and true trial and error gameplay.

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Recap: Breaking News For The Week of Dec. 1st

As you may have noticed, I didn’t get much video game blogging done this week, but I tried to make up for it yesterday with four simultaneous posts followed by a flow of many others. Whether out of laziness or not enough time due to homework, I was unable to supply you, the internet, with the necessary gaming headlines for the past week and after the break you will find the belated headlines for the past week.
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I Can Run Faster Than You Can! Mirror’s Edge DLC Confirmed

If there is one thing I found evident from reading reviews of Mirror’s Edge, it’s that everybody wanted more of the running and less of the gun-play, some more free world running was wished for as well. If you’re still itching for some more roof-top time trial action or just a chance to run aimlessly for no apparent reason, look no further.

DICE has announced that there will be downloadable content (DLC) for Mirror’s Edge in January (PS3 will be receiving an exclusive map). From the trailer (seen after the break) we can guess that this won’t be as much a metropolis as it will be abstract planes crashing together to form some abstract M.C.-Esher-style gameplay. Are you ready to leave the city behind and brave the floating pillars in the sky?

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