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1Up Show Returns as Co-op, Ask For Subscribers And Downloaders [EDIT]

EDIT:  The name of the show is actually Co-op.  The post is edited to reflect that.  Sorry for the misinformation, I need to get it under control…fast.

Following the unfortunate death of EGM and the lay off of many 1Up Staffers, Rebel FM was created.  They’ve been doing podcasts as regularly as possible, and the 1Up Show Team have just released the first episode of Co-0p.

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You Will Be Missed, EGM


I woke up this morning well rested.  I was ready to begin my day.  I checked my email and Facebook before checking all the cached Twitterfox tweets, one of which read:  “My first exposure to games journalism — shit, journalism altogethr — was EGM.  I can’t believe its gone.”

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