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Fallout 3’s DLC Achiements Unveiled

Fallout 3 Achievements Unveiled

In the wake of yesterday’s achievement updates,  today was greated by new ones for Fallout 3’s ever-nearing DLC, Operation: Anchorage.  The DLC is exlcusive to the Xbox 360 and PC, so all you PS3 owners out there aren’t going to receive –what is assumed to be– a winter-wonderland expansion to the biggest RPG of 2008 (it does have “Anchorage” in the title after all).  Head past the break for the achievements and the conditions that must be met to, well, achieve them.

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New Achievements for Gears of War 2 Revealed

As you most likely have heard from  your favorite gaming news site, has revealed the achievements for the upcoming Gears of War 2 Patch.  It seems that you will need the Combustible Map Pack to ‘achieve’ them.  One asks you to win a multiplayer match on each of the maps (as pictured above), and another implores you to complete ten rounds of Horde Mode on the combustible map pack (Trial by, and on, Fire), for example.  For a full list, hit the break.
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