Team Fortress 2 To Get “Very Different” Game Mode, says Developer

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The Valve related news just keeps rolling in.  Joystiq has reported a rumor on a new gameplay type for one of their Orange Box hits, Team Fortress 2.  After scouring a recent piece by The Escapist Magazine, they also found rumor about the talk of a tenth class.  Head past the break for more in-depth news.

Robin Walker, one of the creators of the original Team Fortress mod, announced that the next class to receive the treatment that the Medic, Heavy, and Pyro have recieved will be the Scout class, and is expected early this year.  In addition, a new Payload map will be released, as well as a “very different” game mode revealed and made playable.

A tenth class wasn’t confirmed nor was it denied.  When asked, Walker was quoted saying:

We’ve got several new class designs floating around, some of which we like a lot, but right now we’re focusing on the broadening of our existing classes through the addition of the unlockables.

The rumor of a tenth class was kindled when an Easter Egg in Left 4 Dead was found, a title that was also developed, in part, by part of the Team Fortress 2 development team.  For more information, and the whole article, check out The Escapist.

In other news, Walker told The Escapist that the team is hard at work getting all the DLC ready for the Xbox 360.  When taking their philosophy for PC development into cosideration, one could assume that they’re hoping to see more players on Xbox Live, and an increased spike in sales and interest.  Will you be booting up Team Fortress 2 for 360 when the update is finally unleashed on the world, or are you going to stick with the PC version?


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