Recap: Breaking News For The Week of Dec. 1st

As you may have noticed, I didn’t get much video game blogging done this week, but I tried to make up for it yesterday with four simultaneous posts followed by a flow of many others. Whether out of laziness or not enough time due to homework, I was unable to supply you, the internet, with the necessary gaming headlines for the past week and after the break you will find the belated headlines for the past week.

I Can Run Faster Than You Can, Mirror’s Edge DLC
Want Some More Perks? Activision’s Got Your Back.
I’ll Fold Your Screen
Snake Stows Away In Box On The Rumor Train Heading to Xbox
Xbox 360 Arcade Has Brain, Though Small
Killzone 2 Release Date Set for Feb. 27
Deadly Creatures Delayed, Needs Anti-venom

Stay tuned for a post later today or tomorrow which will recap all the Fringe Episodes up until the most recent one. It will be followed by a persuasion to make you start watching. You will start watching.


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